Cisco Email Security offers high availability email protection against the constant, dynamic, rapidly changing threats affecting email today.

Industry-Leading Email Protection


Keep your critical business email safe from spam, malware, and other threats. Our industry-leading solution gives you faster, more complete email protection to stop email-based threats and provide continuous protection before, during, and after an attack.

Features and Capabilities

Industry-Leading Performance

Cisco ESA offers:

  • The capability to quickly block new email-based blended attacks
  • Best-in-class capability to control or encrypt sensitive outbound email
  • A superior spam capture rate (more than 99 percent) and few false positives (less than one in one million)
  • The industry’s first proven zero-hour antivirus solution

Investment Value

Cisco ESA provides:

  • Easy installation and management
  • Low network impact
  • Less ongoing administration
  • 10 JD Powers award-winning security support centers globally, with 24-hour support

Continuous Innovation

  • Demonstrated commitment to email security investment and innovation
  • Flexible deployments: on-premises, cloud, hybrid, and virtual deployments
  • Superior ability to scale threat analysis as global data explodes

Real-Time Threat Intelligence


The Cisco Email Security Appliance (ESA) is powered by the Cisco Talos Security Intelligence and Research Group (Talos). Its threat intelligence detects, analyzes, and protects against both known and emerging threats. It accomplishes this by aggregating and analyzing Cisco’s extensive telemetry data including:

  • Billions of web requests and emails
  • Millions of malware samples
  • Open source data sets
  • Millions of network intrusions


Talos offers a holistic understanding of threats, their root causes, and scopes of outbreaks. Cisco Email Security products are dynamically updated with this information every 3-5 minutes, resulting in superior email protection.

On-premise vs. Cloud Email Security

Cisco Email Security Appliances

  • Appliances come ready to plug-in on premises, in the right size for your environment
  • Defend mission-critical email systems at the gateway to minimize downtime
  • Outbound defense with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) integration with RSA, plus email encryption
  • Each model built on the same comprehensive platform that protects email infrastructures of major Forbes Global 2000 companies

Cisco Cloud Email Security

  • Reliable, all-inclusive service with software, computing power, and support
  • Cost-effective cloud-based solution that reduces your onsite data center footprint
  • Dedicated email security instances in multiple, resilient Cisco data centers promote exceptional service availability and data protection
  • When sensitive data needs to remain physically on-premises, the hybrid solution delivers advanced control on-site while taking advantage of cost-effective convenience of the cloud

Cisco Content Security Management Appliances

  • Unified email and web security management to centralize and consolidate policy and runtime data
  • Central platform and single management interface for all reporting and auditing
  • Appliances come ready to plug-in and install in the right size for your environment
  • Simplify the administration of corporate mail systems and secure web gateways