Radical Angle, Your complete virtual broadcast studio platform”

Radical Angle is part of Wavify, a collaboration solution company located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Radical Angle acquired a 3D virtual set technology and intellectual properties from ISLT Lab, a robotic vision specialist, in early 2013. Radical Angle aims to adapt robotic vision technologies to create a next generation broadcast tool that utilizes power of 3D graphic advancement in the past 20 years.

Radical Angle allows everyone to create CNN’s quality 3D virtual programs

RadStudio is a paradigm shift Digital Broadcast Production solution from Radical Angle. RadStudio is a proposed-built turn key computing appliance for creating a full featured digital broadcast studio environment. RadStudio can be operated with minimum resource and personnel comparing to traditional screen set approach. The system has been specially designed to generate CNN quality broadcast content using proprietary precision robotic vision technologies. The result content is a real time immersive 3D virtual reality, which has visual quality surpassed the result from physical broadcast system with traditional green screen.

Features Overview

Virtual Studio Production

  • Real-Time production capable
  • Live preview with real-time camera pose matching CG scene
  • User-friendly GUI with joystick control for virtual camera manipulation

Camera Tracking

  • Proprietary image processing based solution; No special-purposed tracking sensors required
  • Full camera motion tracking with complete 6 degrees of freedom
  • Low process latency: 7 frames tracking delay
  • Hand-held camera compatible
  • Tracking log recorder for post-production

CG and Composition

  • Advanced chromakey function specially designed for digital video
  • DirectX based scene renderer with full GPU utilization for maximum performance
  • Supported real-time rendering options:  dynamic light, multi-texturing, bump map, environment map, shadow map, glow, HDR, fog, reflection
  • Proprietary automatic shadow construction and color correction for seamless composition

Virtual Scene Management

  • Interactive scene editing with user-friendly GUI
  • Supported 3D object formats: 3ds, DirectX Mesh, Google SketchUp
  • Animated object supported

For more information

Please visit https://www.radangle.com/ or contact us by phone at 02-210-0969 , by email at info@throughwave.co.th