IT Infrastructure Design Planning and Implementing Services

Throughwave (Thailand) offers consulting services in the area of IT infrastructure planning and design services. Our team, our approach, our principal, and our technologies ensure that your organization is equipped with right IT infrastructure and can support your long-term strategic business goals.

Our Team

Throughwave consulting team members have experienced helping customers both in US and in Thailand on planning and design of enterprise IT infrastructure for over 10 years. Our team members are experienced in a wide array of technologies and IT products and use Throughwave’s well established consulting process to ensure timely and functional delivery of customer solutions.

Our Approach

With no non-sense approach, we carefully design and select the best of technology that suits the customer business strategic goal. Throughwave approach starts with on-site interviews with key IT personnel, users, and management. These interviews are supported by detailed surveys that allow our team to gain a thorough understanding of your long-term IT plan and vision and identify any issues with the delivery of the solution. Your organization is subsequently presented with a set of recommendations related to system improvements. The analysis is methodical and comprehensive.

Our Principal

We understand what business needs to succeed. We are not only looking at the problem from the technology point of view, we always evaluate alternatives on how to help our customer improve their business goals.

Our Technologies

Throughwave consulting team has expertise in vast area of IT infrastructure technologies and products. With our close relationship with our technology partners, we can bring you very accurate information and can provide a full range of solution that meet both customer business goal and technological need.