Meraki Adds High-Resolution Spectrum Analysis to Cloud-Based Wireless Optimization Suite

Meraki Auto RF, now with spectrum analysis, automatically delivers consistent, reliable performance under challenging interference conditions

SAN FRANCISCO — August 11, 2010 – Meraki, the cloud-based wireless networking company, today announced the addition of high-resolution spectrum analyses to Meraki Auto RF, their cloud-based wireless optimization system. Auto RF with spectrum analysis is included with Meraki’s Enterprise Cloud Controller, and will be available free-of-charge to all Meraki enterprise customers beginning September 30.

While wireless networks are becoming more and more business-critical for organizations, new and greater numbers of interference sources – new Bluetooth headsets, microwave ovens, cordless phones, and neighboring wireless networks – are appearing every day. As a result, many organizations have turned to costly and complex wireless optimization solutions to ensure high performance. Meraki Auto RF offers an alternative: an incredibly powerful, yet completely automated RF optimization system, completely integral to the wireless network, that delivers optimal performance under dynamic interference conditions. The addition of high-resolution spectrum analysis now enables Auto RF to detect and mitigate non-802.11 interference sources.

Benefits of Auto RF with Spectrum Analysis
• Increased reliability under challenging RF conditions
• Better coverage with fewer access points
• Higher client throughput
• Requires no additional hardware, software licenses, cost or complexity

Spectrum Analyzer Key Features
• Granular reporting from dedicated spectrum analysis hardware on APs
• Quantifies interference from Bluetooth devices, microwave ovens, etc.
• Real-time spectrum visualization over the web
• Available on all Meraki 802.11n access points

Cloud-Based Optimization Architecture
With Auto RF, every access point on the network continuously and automatically monitors its surroundings for any source of interference that could affect Wi-Fi performance. Interference metrics, including newly added spectrum analysis data, are continually uploaded to the Cloud Controller from the access points. Armed with real-time and historical data, the Cloud Controller continually assesses the health of the entire network, dynamically tuning wireless channel selection, transmit power, and client connection settings to automatically adapt to changing interference conditions. Auto RF, leveraging the power of multi-tenant cloud computing, tunes optimization algorithms with inputs from 15,000+ networks.

“What our customers love about Auto RF is that they don’t have to worry about complex radio settings – they just set it and forget it,” says Kiren Sekar, Product Marketing Manager at Meraki. “Adding high-resolution spectrum analysis now makes Auto RF even more capable of quickly and accurately responding to interference from non-Wi-Fi sources, ensuring that our customers get optimal network performance in even the toughest interference conditions.”

About Meraki
Meraki offers enterprise-class wireless networks at a fraction of the cost and complexity of traditional networking vendors. Using Meraki’s unique cloud-based architecture, an administrator can configure thousands of Meraki access points over the web through a single interface. The company’s customers include small-to-medium sized businesses, global hotel chains, and world-class educational institutions. Meraki wireless networks serve millions of users on over 15,000 networks in more than 140 countries. Meraki is located in San Francisco, California, and is funded in part by Sequoia Capital and Google. Follow Meraki onFacebook and Twitter. For more information, go to