Meraki Expands Suite Of Free Cloud-Based Diagnostic Tools

Android Stumbler, WiFi Mapper and Client Insight perform sophisticated site surveys and customer support diagnostics

SAN FRANCISCO — August 11, 2010 – Meraki, the cloud-based wireless networking company, has added three new applications to its suite of popular free tools: Android Stumbler, WiFi Mapper, and Client Insight. Android Stumbler brings Meraki’s popular WiFi Stumbler to mobile devices. WiFi Mapper is the first browser-based heatmapping tool for wireless site surveys. Client Insight monitors wireless usage for all clients in an organization, enabling administrators to diagnose wireless connectivity issues. All three of these tools are available free of charge, and are compatible with all wireless networks from any vendor.

Android Stumbler – This mobile site survey tool builds off of the incredible popularity of Meraki’s WiFi Stumbler. WiFi Stumbler was the first browser-based survey tool, and has served more than 100,000 users since its launch this past February. Android Stumbler brings WiFi Stumbler’s functionality and ease of use to mobile devices, enabling users to conduct site surveys and tracks down rogue APs. Features include a per-channel graph of all APs, an SSID view with AP details and a signal strength graph, and email-ready reports with a single click. Android Stumbler is available free in the Android Application Market, and is compatible with Android version 2.1 and above.

WiFi Mapper – A sister application to WiFi Stumbler, WiFi Mapper is the first browser-based wireless coverage mapper, and is an invaluable tool for optimizing network coverage and performance. Easy-to-use, and with a professional feature set, WiFi Mapper eliminates the need for expensive, complex site survey tools for many administrators. WiFi Mapper runs in most browsers on PCs and Macs and is available for free on Meraki’s Cloud-Based Tools page.

Client Insight – This powerful WiFi troubleshooting tool gives administrators precise visibility into their users’ wireless activity, enabling them to quickly diagnose and correct connectivity errors. A lightweight software agent on each client securely logs WiFi activity to Meraki’s cloud database. Client Insight’s browser-based dashboard in turn provides centralized access to wireless metrics for all of the users in an organization. With intuitive search and map-based controls, administrators have complete visibility into wireless activities, no matter where users connect or what type of access point they connect to. Client Insight is currently in beta and will be generally available this October.

“It’s been incredible to see more than 100,000 people make use of our WiFi Stumbler,” says Greg Williams, product manager at Meraki. “We are very excited to offer these new mobile and cloud-based tools that bring the Stumbler’s ease of use to new devices and applications.”

About Meraki
Meraki offers enterprise-class wireless networks at a fraction of the cost and complexity of traditional networking vendors. Using Meraki’s unique cloud-based architecture, an administrator can configure thousands of Meraki access points over the web through a single interface. The company’s customers include small-to-medium sized businesses, global hotel chains, and world-class educational institutions. Meraki wireless networks serve millions of users on over 15,000 networks in more than 140 countries. Meraki is located in San Francisco, California, and is funded in part by Sequoia Capital and Google. Follow Meraki onFacebook and Twitter. For more information, go to