Meraki Announces Lifetime Warranty On Enterprise Access Points

SAN FRANCISCO — December 17, 2009 – Meraki, the cloud-based wireless networking company, today announced that it will offer a lifetime warranty for all Meraki indoor Enterprise wireless local area network (LAN) access points.

Available immediately, the new lifetime warranty for Meraki’s indoor Enterprise access points covers the new high performance single radio MR11 and the dual radio MR14 802.11n access point, Meraki’s most popular model.  Launched in May 2009, Meraki’s new product line was a breakthrough in cloud-based wireless networking, and enables Meraki to offer premium-featured Wireless LANs with unprecedented ease of use, and at less than half the cost of traditional solutions.

“We are committed to our growing customer base and have been encouraged by the rapid uptake of our Enterprise product line,” said Hans Robertson, VP Product Management and Co-Founder of Meraki.  “Our business customers have told us they need a longer warranty period, and we listened.  We know that our access points are so reliable that only a miniscule percentage will require replacement.”

The new policy will be applied retroactively to all Meraki units purchased before today’s announcement and all future units shipped.  Advance hardware replacement is included at no additional cost.  Meraki is the only business-class wireless company to offer this service at no additional charge.

About Meraki

Meraki offers enterprise-class wireless networks at a fraction of the cost and complexity of traditional networking vendors. This is made possible by its unique cloud-based technology.  The company’s customers range from small and medium-sized businesses to global hotel chains to world-class educational institutions.  Meraki wireless networks serve millions of users on over 13,000 networks in more than 140 countries.  Meraki is located in San Francisco, California, and is funded in part by Sequoia Capital and Google. Follow Meraki on Facebook and Twitter. For more information, go to