Secure Remote Access to Desktop / Remote Thin Client

Solution Brief

DesktopDirect™ is an innovative, secure remote access solution. Unlike VPNs, DesktopDirect enables employees to use their office PCs from anywhere, so they get their work done, even when they can’t get to the office. DesktopDirect uniquely leverages proven, scalable, secure technologies to deliver the industry’s only comprehensive enterprise-class solution for remote desktop access and control.

Array Networks enables remote access to your PC via iPhone and iPad

With DesktopDirect, remote desktop access is a simple 3-step process. Employees first browse to a URL that is given to them by their IT administrator. Next, they enter their single sign-on (SSO) credentials — the same credentials they enter every day at the office, to log into their desktop PCs. After logging in, a window presenting their desktop automatically launches.

How Array Networks DesktopDirect Works

DesktopDirect’s architecture utilizes strong encryption, AAA policies, data leakage protection, and provides administrators with centralized real-time control. AAA data is kept deep inside the trusted network; potential new security risks that could result from 3rd-party managed architectures are never an issue; and administrative control over remote user activity to local devices eliminates data leakage concerns.

Array Networks DesktopDirect Deployment

DesktopDirect enables administrators to choose whether to manually register desktops (individually or in bulk), or whether to allow dynamic self-registration of desktops by users directly, making registration of desktops easy, fast, and transparent to the administrator.

Solution Highlights

  • Ideal for employees unfamiliar with traditional VPN
  • Instant Business Continuity Planning (BCP) solution
  • Minimizes security risks and eliminates data leakage
  • Hardware appliance delivers ROI in under 1 year
  • Reduces power costs and energy footprint
  • Eliminates need for end user or IT training

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