Huawei Symantec Technologies Co., Ltd. and Force10 Networks Partner to Enhance World-Class Networked Storage Solutions

Cupertino, Calif., February 24, 2011 – Huawei Symantec Technologies Co., Ltd., a leading provider of network security and storage appliance solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Force10 Networks, a global networking leader that provides performance solutions designed to deliver new economics by virtualizing and automating Ethernet networks. Together, Huawei Symantec and Force10 Networks will aim to deliver solutions that will increase reliability and decrease costs for customers. The partnership will combine Huawei Symantec’s expertise in storage hardware and software with Force10 Networks’ best-in-class Ethernet switches to create high performance solutions aimed at strategic vertical markets.

“Huawei Symantec is pleased to establish this strategic partnership with Force10 Networks, and expects the relationship to further drive strong results for our existing North American customer base as well as tap into new business opportunities,” said Jane Li, General Manager of the North American Market, Huawei Symantec Technologies Co., Ltd. “Force10 Networks’ award-winning Ethernet switches and routers deliver unmatched performance from the network core to the cloud, and Huawei Symantec offers a broad portfolio of storage solutions for customers of all sizes. We are confident and excited about the winning combination of our respective capabilities and look forward to a long-lasting partnership.”

Huawei Symantec’s storage and network security products are used by over 1,000 key customers in more than 40 countries and regions. The company has positioned itself for rapid global growth by employing a worldwide team of storage and security technologies specialists and by exercising a demonstrated commitment to R&D, technical support, and after-sales service. Huawei Symantec’s partnership with Force10 Networks is expected to continue to enable strong and immediate growth in the North American market, specifically in vertical markets like cloud, finance, healthcare, high-performance computing, oil and gas and telecommunications.

“Huawei Symantec has made a significant impact in a short time in the North American storage and security market, and Force10 Networks is honored to be its partner,” said Michael O’Brien, Vice President, Global Alliances and Channels, Force10 Networks. “Huawei Symantec’s strategy and products are well aligned to that of Force10 Networks, and we anticipate the partnership will produce innovative new solutions for our joint customers.”

Force10’s S-Series S60 switch is optimized for bursty storage environments, providing best-in-class, ultra-deep packet buffering of 1.25 GB – nearly 80 times the buffering capacity of the leading competitive product. Coupled with its line-rate switching of 48 GbE ports and up to four optional 10 GbE uplinks in just 1-RU, the S60 is uniquely qualified for today’s heavily virtualized environments. The S60 modular platform seamlessly scales from 1 GbE to 10 GbE, making it an ideal network interconnect supporting entry-level to large-scale storage solutions.

About Huawei Symantec
Huawei Symantec Technologies Co. Ltd. (Huawei Symantec) is a leading provider of network security and storage appliance solutions to enterprise customers worldwide. Huawei Symantec’s solutions are developed to keep pace with evolving risks and increased availability requirements facing enterprises.

A joint venture of Huawei and Symantec, Huawei Symantec combines Huawei’s expertise in telecoms network infrastructure and Symantec’s leadership in security and storage software to provide world-class solutions that address the ever-changing needs in network security and storage for enterprises.

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About Force10 Networks
Force10 Networks is a global technology leader that data center, service provider and enterprise customers rely on when the network is their business. The company’s high performance solutions are designed to deliver new economics by virtualizing and automating Ethernet networks. Force10’s high density and resilient Ethernet switching and routing products increase network availability, agility and efficiency while reducing power and cooling costs. Force10 provides 24×7 service and support capabilities to its global customer base in more than 60 countries worldwide. For more information on Force10 Networks, please