Prosodie selects Q1 Labs to meet strict online gambling security regulations for major French client

Largest independent security intelligence provider helps GENY infos meet regulatory compliance through high-value cloud services

Paris, France – March 14th, 2011 − Q1 Labs, the global provider of total security intelligence solutions, today announced details of a successful project by Prosodie which is helping its client GENY infos meet tough French government regulations to ensure the security of cloud-based gambling sites.

Prosodie, a highly respected managed services provider with a heritage spanning 25 years, successfully delivers an outsourced hosting and application service for GENY infos, a leading online gambling portal that is protected by extensive security infrastructure including two factor authentication, firewalls, encryption, IDS and IPS systems. The Genybet infrastructure is monitored 24 hours-a-day by an IT security team at Prosodie using Q1 Labs’ QRadar Security Intelligence Platform integrated with Prosodie’s own custom-written helpdesk and system alert tools.

“We have worked with Genyinfo and its Genybet site for many years and the number of security events that we have had to manage has grown exponentially,” explains Bertrand Deroubaix, Chief Information Security Officer for Prosodie. “To improve our ability to deal with these events, we started evaluating a number of SIEM solutions and found that QRadar was highly automated, easily deployed and integrated well with our own custom-written alerting and helpdesk systems.”

Deroubaix found that many of the rules and reports that the firm needed to implement were already available in QRadar, which greatly reduced the implementation time. Previously, the process of collecting and managing multiple logs was incredibly complex and correlating the data was both time consuming and difficult to analyse for security issues. QRadar SIEM has been in place for 6 months now, and Deroubaix believes, “QRadar from Q1 Labs has helped us to improve security and reduce management overhead while allowing GENY infos to meet its ARJEL certification requirements.”

Autorité de regulation des Jeux en Ligne (ARJEL) is the French Regulatory Authority for online games and is responsible for defining and regulating information and control to protect players, to prevent gambling addiction and fight against fraud. Under ARJEL, online gambling sites need to be able to show auditable controls for dealing with all security incidents as well as an ongoing secure environment for the management of all customer data and transactions.

“The success of the project at GenyBet has prompted us to partner with Q1 Labs to work with another client in the financial services sector who we feel would benefit from QRadar for PCI compliance processes which we will complete later this year,” explainsDeroubaix.

With over 10 years experience as a CISO in large financial services providers, Deroubaixbelieves that security intelligence software like QRadar is helping to grow Prosodie’s business within managed security services. “Many of our clients need the experience of a trusted service provider with expertise around Information security,” he explains. “We have been offering managed IT services for over 25 years, but security is an area that is growing the most rapidly.”

About Q1 Labs
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