TV3 Migrates Broadcasting Workflow to IP with Enterasys

Madrid, Spain — Mar 23, 2011 – Enterasys Networks, a Siemens Enterprise Communications Company, today announced that Televisió de Catalunya (TV3), a state-owned Spanish broadcaster, has chosen Enterasys for the deployment of a new, high capacity network infrastructure to migrate its broadcasting workflow to IP, including acquisition, post-production, archiving and video transmission.

Using Enterasys technology, TV3 has deployed an IP infrastructure that enables it to support all of the TV station’s business processes – from broadcasting workflow to office applications – on a single network. Now, TV3 can do the entire business workflow over IP, working on digital files. The new infrastructure enables TV3 users to access any audio or video content directly from their desktops, improving efficiency as they can seamlessly transition from using office applications to generating, cataloging, editing and broadcasting content, without any performance degradation.

With all of its mission-critical services being integrated into a single network – particularly broadcasting workflow services – it was imperative that TV3 deploy a reliable and strong infrastructure solution to ensure business continuity.  The high capacity Enterasys network enables TV3 staff to manage 25 GB high definition video files, requiring sustainable throughput between 25 to 50 Mbps for standard definition content and up to 100 Mbps for HD content.

“When we began the project, we were looking for providers that believed in our vision of one network for everything,” said Lluis Marti and Paco Sánchez, members of TV3’s Departament de Sistemes, Equips i Comunicacions Audiovisuals. “By that time, most broadcasting vendors had proprietary solutions that were unable to operate in standard IP environments. Our goal is to allow our users to access, from their own desktop, all the content and tools required for High Definition TV (HDTV) broadcasting processes. We chose Enterasys to help us build, design and integrate a reliable, next-generation network to support HDTV content.”

The TV3 network supports more than 2,000 users using office and broadcasting applications, with more than 500 nodes and networked devices. With Enterasys’ centralized management platform, the entire infrastructure is managed by a small team of only five people.

The new infrastructure, from Enterasys and system integrator Telindus, includes Enterasys chassis-based switchesin the core, S-Series SSA switches to support users working on video editing, and 145 stackable switches for the edge tier of the network.  TV3 has also deployed Enterasys Network Management Suite (NMS) to manage and control the network, traps, syslogs, configuration and policy deployment.

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